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A Night Without Sight by Alice-of-Africa A Night Without Sight by Alice-of-Africa
Derpy and Cornbread had just arrived home, soaking wet from the cold, pouring rain after making a LONG stop at Derpy's place. Just to make sure that her siblings knew that she was sleeping over.

Cornbread: Bling Wing! Ronsole! My friend Derpy's here!
(Ronny, as Cornbread nicknames him, is distracted by Cornbread's yelling and loses a level of "Uber Pony Sunshine", but regardless, BW and RS trot on downstairs at top horsepower)
Bling Wing: Hai!
Ronsole: Hello!
Derpy: (stares at the filly and colt with her derped eyes, grinning) Derp of the morning!
Ronsole: ...It's nighttime...
Derpy: It's night? (looks out the window) OH! You're so smart!
Ronsole: ...
Cornbread: ...So, Derpy will be staying with us for tonight! Please make her comfortable!
Ron and Bling: 'KAY! (trot back upstairs)
Cornbread: Let's go unpack your stuff upstairs.
Derpy: Okey doke!
(in Cornbread and Bling's room)
Cornbread: You can sleep with me on the bottom bunk.
Derpy: Bottom bunk? Aww...I want top!
Cornbread: Well, that's where my sister sleeps and besides, she doesn't allow anypony else to go on. (whispering) And, er... between you and me, she'e very stingy about her belongings up there.
Derpy: ...(whispering back) What does "stingy" mean?
Cornbread: ...Er...
Derpy: Oh! I have an idea! Let's play with Mr. Gawkie!
Cornbread: Why'd you name him that, anyway?
Derpy: (clears throat) "Gawk", verb, " to stare in a stupid way".
(brings out her pet)
Cornbread: So you know what that means, but you don't know what "stin--" (notices that Derpy's pet was kept in one of her bags) Ummm...why was Mr. Gawkie in your bag?
Derpy: ...Beeecaaaauuuuse there was room in there for him...
Cornbread: But lizards are supposed to be kept in cages, where it's nice and vetilated?
Derpy: Mr. Gawkie doesn't seem to mind...(plays with her iguana) Isn't he ADORABLE!? Ooo! Ooo! Roll over!
(the iguana tips over)
Cornbread: Heh! He's cute!
Derpy: I know! OH! he likes when I do this! (licks Mr. Gawkie on the head)
(Gawkie flings his tongue at Derpy's snout and sticks there)
Cornbread: (looks at the grey pegasus and lizard in disgustment)
Derpy: Oh, do you wanna lick him, too? (shoves Mr. Gawkie at Cornbread)
(Gawkie stares awkwardly at Corn)
Cornbread: ...You know what? I think it's time for bed.
Derpy: Okey doke! Time to go back inside, Mr. Gawkie! Time for bed.
Cornbread: (to herself) I think this night's gonna be a long one.
Derpy: (wakes up with stomach growling and wakes Cornbread up) Hey, corn? Corny? Corny Cornbread?
Cornbread: (wakes up and yawns) i have only one name you know...and what's wrong?
Derpy: Do you happen to have any muffins?
Cornbread: Muffins?
Derpy: My stomach's sad...I'm hungry...and I want a muffin. Muffins always make my stomach happy.
Cornbread: Alright, alright...(rubs her eyes and steps out of bed)

Derpy is the kind of pony who doesn't think before doing things, such as putting her belongings in a plce where nopony would trip over them. Well, a certain pony "fell" victim to just that and when she did, her glasses, that were on her and her sister's dresser, were knocked off and fell to the ground. Cornbread searched for her glasses on the dresser. "Where are my glasses?", she asked to herself. She'd thought of asking her friend, Derpy, but she was quick to doze back off. This reminded her of another pegasus mare Cornbread knew named Karie-Yawn. Anyway, without warning, the pair of lilac lens were stomped on by the owner, whose hoof was punctured a bit. Holding her poor hoof in pain, Cornbread, keeping in her "screaming in pain" to a minimum, hopped out of her room and took more damage rolling down the stairs. Ouch...
Rubbing her head, Cornbread remembered what she had to do for her friend and trotted to the kitchen without flicking the switch. Suddenly, thunder clapped and lightning flashed. The lightning, which almost blinded the tired mare, revealed a silouette of some unicorn stallion.
sharpieboss Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
very cute; derpy is such an oblivious troll...
Alice-of-Africa Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
To be continued...
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